Wednesday, May 30, 2007

why ?

My new Blog page comes with the adress . But why? why sunnatullah. Here's the reason:

I understand that the deen promotes two field of knowledge which is the shariatullah and sunnatullah. This is actually the knowledge of my deen, Islam. The shariatullah part concerns with the way this deen works. It comes with the knowledge like tafseer, hadith, sirah, fiqh etc. The so-called 'agamawan' studies these ( I don't agree this classification of the term agamawan though). Meanwhile, the sunnatullah part of the Islamic knowledge deals with the way to make life easier. To put it in simpler terms, natural sciences, human sciences, mathematics, history, ethics and so forth. Therefore we need to understand here that Islamic knowledge covers all these areas of knowledge. There is no distinction between shariatullah and sunnatullah. Secularism separates the shariatullah knowledge and sunnatullah knowledge, but Islam unifies these two areas. This is actually the basic concept of Islamic epistemology.

Eversince my childhood, I haven't been much exposed to the shariatullah knowledge. I am highly oriented with the sunnatullah part of the islamic knowledge. from standard one till form five my education was emphasized on the sunnatullah part. In form five, only one subject refers to the shariatullah part which is the Pengajian Agama Islam subject. After SPM, I was sponsored by the government to do medicine which again put me dwelved in the sunnatullah part. Now, I do think that for the next 20 or 30 years to come, I will be highly involved in this part of knowledge. Not only involved but, develop the understanding of this area of knowledge which essentially is Allah's knowledge after all. The understanding and thus application of this knowledge will make man's life easier. I am involved in Medical world and therefore my involvement will lead to a healthier lifestyle so that man can perform their ibadah to Allah easier.

My understanding upon the concept of islamic epistemology made me choose the name for my blog address... . suprisingly, this name is available for me to choose despite of it's vast meaning.

My next girlfriend is my wife

My next girlfriend is my wife
Well, im 20 now and by this age, im already thinking about marriage. Haha.. sounds too early right? but indeed yes, im thinking over it. But why? Most of us, at this age will opt for girlfriends at this age. It is way too early for a mariage... way too early because we need to have fun first. HAVE FUN? is this all life about? HAVE FUN? Yes, most of us made this as their purpose of life; lets learn and have a little fun; lets have some fun; in a motivation programme, fun is needed, fun, fun,fun... life is for fun, life is funny!!! haha!!! enjoy life till you die!!!! NO WAY!! i don't go for that. Boring? Well you'll say im boring of course because im not having this ideology as my purpose of life. InsyaAllah, im living on the purpose of life being erected by Allah... wamakhalaqtuljinnawalins, illaliya'buduun. and We don't create man and jin except to submit to Us.
That's why im thinking of marriage. because marriage is for fun, its for love and now that im looking for a love of a spouse. again, too early? Yes, too early. But no its not. i also have feelings, feelings of affection that i think i need to nurture in order for me to become a muslim in the real context, muslim who really submit to Islam which is literally means sunnatullah by which the western equates the meaning to the word 'natural'. Simply, I need to be a normal human who follows the nature. Who follows the guidance that GOD give to a male. the guidanceis, i need to love and to be loved by a woman, and if i don't have that i'm not performing my duty as a human and of course as a muslim. So, im looking for a girl to love,but yet i still didn't find it and the time has not come yet for me to commit although it is around the corner. well, simply like this lah.... i want to have a partner, but the IB exam is around the corner, so the action of finding one would jeopardize my result. Furthermore, i don't want just a concourse-like love relationship... i want a serious one so that i can call my partner "tunang"..... MY NEXT GF WILL BE MY FUTURE WIFE, INSYAALLAH.