Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on Medical Relief to Gaza; What Islamic Medical Assocations are doing...

I am now updating what have been posted on PPIM-net, a yahoo group for
all IMAM members... This is an email for all Islamic Medical
Association all over the world updating the Medical Relief effort for
GAZA. Please read through to know what happen on the Humanitarian
effort of IMAM.

Anas Aminin

Day 21 Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza - Summary of major medical relief

a.. Gaza has been under merciless unabated bombardment via aerial, sea
and land attacks since 27 December 2008.
b.. Currently, there are more than 1,000 deaths, 5,000 injured and 50,
000 displaced from their homes.
c.. Social structures namely homes, schools, mosques, hospitals,
communication lines, fuel supplies have not been spared.
d.. The constant blockade of all borders have prevented essential
supplies from crossing into Gaza resulting in a grave humanitarian crisis
e.. Hospitals are totally dysfunctional as a result of the following
. No electricity: operating on generators but no fuel available

. No medical support (equipment, drugs, consumables)

. Staff overwhelmed, medical services targeted with many deaths reported

. Severe injuries often fatal due to inadequate care increasing the
death toll

. Dr Azhar Aziz, Qatar (presently in Gaza)

. Dr M Ikram, IMA Malaysia & MERCY Malaysia (presently in Gaza)

. Dr Malik Mahmoud, Partners International Medical Aid (in Gaza)

. Dr Jemilah Mahmood, MERCY Malaysia (recently returned from 1st
successful mission to Gaza)

. Dr Khaled Hanafy, AMU Egypt (Arab Medical Union)

. Dr Muneer Bursh and Dr Madhat Abbas, Ministry of Health, Gaza

. Dr Ashraf Jedaar, FIMA (South Africa); Dr Aly Misha'Al, FIMA
(Jordan), Dr Musa Mohd. Nordin, FIMA (Malaysia)


. Doctors World Wide (IMA Turkey) - 2 trucks (43 tons) procured in
Cairo, transported to Rafah border (USD 300,000) when border crossing
first opened.

. MERCY Malaysia - $100,000 medical equipment, consumables and drugs
(5 trucks, 50 tons) delivered to MOH Gaza upon border opening. Another
$100,000 consignment procured in Cairo for delivery.

. MER-C Indonesia - sent a medical team along with medical supplies
since the start of conflict

. When borders opened to medical professionals, 21 doctors entered and
40 the following day.

. AMU delivered 200 units of blood, 1,000 units the following day


. Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) - USD 42, 400

. IMA South Africa - USD 60,000

. IMA Pakistan - USD 17 500

. IMA North America - pending


. Sudan relief agencies & IMA Sudan - 1 jumbo jet to Arish ( 40 tons,
ambulances to be purchased in Egypt, team of surgeons and

. Gift of the Givers & IMA South Africa - 1 jumbo jet of medical goods
(74 tons) to Jordan (but we have advised against this due to border
closure) + 20 doctors, nurses & paramedics

. DWW Turkey & relief agencies - 13 ambulances & surgical relief team
due next week for Gaza. Total so far deployed USD 500,000.

. IMA North America - surgical team on standby


a.. Operations shut down by the Palestinian Authority in West Bank


a.. IMA Egypt has a wide network of private hospitals and with AMU,
are helping with purchases of medicines, equipments and consumables
since they are familiar with the warehousing & other logistics

Our hearts and prayers are with the innocent men, women and children
massacred or maimed by this vicious invasion of Gaza. All monies
collected will be deposited directly with the Ministry of Health in
Gaza for the procurement of the much needed medical supplies in Cairo.

"so much to do but very little time"

Jazakumullahu Khair.

Dr. Ashraf Jedaar, FIMA Relief Coordinator

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why must IMAM?... a note on the principle behind IMAM India SC

Nowadays the famous topic amongst my fellow Malaysian bloggers all over the world is Palestine. Its a big cry and shouts of bloggers over the fouls happening in the blessed land of Jerusalem. My prayer for all the mujaheedin and mujahidaat in Palestine... They are in the front line of our war with the oppressors.

I am not to discuss about Palestine in this entry. Enough with all the good entries done by my fellow friends for the Palestinian. May Allah bless every single second of your time you sacrifice on the key board. Remember... words are sharper than swords. Its the element used for revolutions and changes in times of history.

This is about the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) India SC. The association has been here in India for over 5 months already. It had gotten names among the Malaysian students. But only names.. not the understandings except for a few people. We must agree by the sunnah that every single things created by Allah got its own hikmah or -in philosophical term- principle. Even a pebble stone got its own principle or purpose.

Now, IMAM India SC is a creation of man. But we need to learn from Allah's creation. We must learn how Allah's creation succeeded in doing its function in this earth. We must learn how the bees succeeded in finding the honey, store it, ferment it with natural biotechnology and present it to us human being for us to drink and get healthy from it. From that spirit, we must learn the sunnah of Allah in assuring success in everything that we do and we strive for...

Principles... what is the principles behind IMAM? On what basis it is formed? I always stress this in my pamphlet, articles and speeches (i do make speech? poyo jer) as well. IMAM is the platform for networking among Malaysian healthcare professionals. With networking a lot of things can be done.

IMAM unite people under one roof of idea. Which is to de-secularize health industry among the healthcare professionals. For over decades, Muslims are much being secularized. We noticed that besides all the already existed fractions among the Muslims like Shia', Sunni, and the tribal factions, Muslims are further de-united by the presence of another large group which are the secular Muslims.

Indeed, the Islamic Khilafah falls because of the secular factions of the Muslims. The father of all the Secular Muslim- Attartuk. Now, why does the secular Muslim triumph over the non-secular Muslims? This is because, over decades, the non-secular Muslims are at large, uneducated. All the education they have is obtained from the Madrasah, being educated with the so-called 'ilmu agama'. They are far left behind by the advancements of sciences and technology which several hundreds years ago are the expertice of the Muslims.

On the other hand, the secular Muslims are at large educated with the scienctific knowledge, technology, economy etc. According to Allah's law, people who master all these knowledge will be able to advance in this world. They'll be able to achieve a certain level of civilization just like what the western world is achieving. With this, the secular Muslim triumphed over the non-secular Muslims, hence overtaking the last Khalifah and subsequently destroying it.

However, it's not the secular Muslim's fault alone. The non-secular Muslim that I'm refering to in this article are also contributing to the fall of the Khilafah. They did because they did'nt master the science, technology and the economy. Simply saying, THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL.

Now, what we need in order to achieve back the glory of Islam, are the PROFESSIONALS that understand and live up the very basic principles of Islam. In other words, we need Mukmin Professionals not Mullahs alone.

IMAM is the platform to bridge secularism and professionalism. Its strive is to bring back professionalism into Islam. The West becomes the Order of the world or in the arabic word, Ustaziatul Alam because of their achievements, because of their professionalism. In order to bring back the throne of the world's Order to the Muslim which supposed to bring peace all over the world with its beautifull and perfect humanely principles, we need to regain back our expertise, our professionalism.

By bringing back what the Muslims own, we can solve many humanity crisis all over the world, including the PALESTINE crisis.

Bridging secularism and professionalism with Islam...