Saturday, March 1, 2008

Living Up Islam in our life

“Islam is the solution, Islam is syumul, Islam is the answer…bla bla bla…” huahhhhhh!(yawning)… boring!

Many would resort this statement as being empty… empty slogan they say. Indeed I agree. These are empty slogans. Really empty. Totally empty… nothing!

Why… don’t you believe me? Shoot me for saying this. Kill me for voicing this out. I believe I’m saying the truth. These slogans are empty because they are not being manifested.

True, Islam holds the solution to everything. Islam is the answer; Islam is the way of life, etc. But still people don’t believe them. Okay, so we blame the people for not believing these and hence the Qur’an? Good… now let’s lash these people further. We label them kafir, munafiq, fasiq.. . what else? Member of the jahannam?

God forgive me… astaghfirullah…

Qur’an is the answer. But Qur’an itself doesn’t manifest the answer to everything. We believe the postulate that Islam is the answer to everything and indeed it’s true. This postulate has prove itself once… hundreds of years ago, but not in the recent time. The proven postulate has become a hypothesis again. It is yet to be proven that Islam is the answer to everything because we, the Muslim didn’t manifest the postulate. We didn’t manifest the Qur’an; we didn’t manifest the sunnah; we didn’t manifest this deen or way of life. In simple term: Muslim did not walk the talk!

So this is the problem. We are good in finding problem and even better at lamenting about it. We are also good in feeling sad about it… just feeling sad. Nay we are good in finding the solution. When it comes to finding the resolution, we reserve ourselves further lamenting about our own dumbness.

No wonder we Muslims are so good boycotting western’s products. Two years ago it was our beloved prophet’s cartoon; we call it a blasphemy, and we got angry, got crazy, make processions, and some even went to the extent of burning cars and churches! Today history repeats itself. Now it’s the Fitna film. Again we Muslims call out for the same thing; processions, demonstrations, and again, the same boycotting.

Actually, we have the solutions to all these problems. We can disprove all these blasphemy, we can gain back our dignity but many reserve themselves not to venture themselves into this solution. Why did I say this? The reason is this resolution requires them to invest. What investment? I would say, they need to invest their entire life into it. However, unlike those financial investments, this involves no risk; it only involves security… eternal security.

So what can Muslims do in order to manifest the postulation that Islam is the way of life… in fact the only viable way of life? For me, there’s only one key to this. Muslims need to be ‘syumul’. Then only can Islam manifest its light.

Syumul… hmmm. Many of us now this. There’s nothing new in this solution. Am I bragging another empty slogan? Yeah.. maybe. Maybe I’m bragging about another old empty slogan. Here it goes:

“O my friends! O youth! O Muslim! Let us all become a syumul muslim!”

And yeah, I’m going to shout this over the minaret so that the whole Karnataka state can hear my sermon.

Nay I am like that. A good Muslim doesn’t talk empty; a good Muslim walks the talk. I want to be a good Muslim, hence for me and my fellow friends, I’m writing down some criterion of a good Syumul Muslim so that we can all ponder upon it and thence act on it.

Who is a good, syumul Muslim?

It is simple. We Muslims live by a simple principle. A clear principle which resonates a strong believe that there is no Ilah other than Allah, that we are a caliph to this world, and that we live in this world to abide to no other entity other than Allah; and we take Rasulullah as our qudwah or pure living example.

So a true syumul or complete Muslim have all these believe firmly bound to his/heart. Then ultimately this kind of person will manifest himself as a complete, excellent person. He’ll be excellent in all manners. A true Syumul Muslim is envisioned by his excellence in everything that he do.

If he study he’ll study to his best that he become the best student. If he go to work, he’ll make sure he’s doing the work to his best, be on time, keeping all the amanah given secured. If he gives speeches, he’ll be the person everybody wants to listen to. If he plays basketball, he’ll be the best player. This person has the wit, has sound general knowledge, he can give brilliant ideas and comprehensive solutions and best of all, he’s the person respected by everybody. Simple… Our prophet and fellow sahabah are the living example.

This is how Qur’an can manifest itself. All these personalities that I’ve listed down are Islamic messages being conveyed to human being by the Qur’an and Sunnah. It’s pity that many of Muslims today understood Islam as being a ceremonial religion just like other religions. People only use Islam when it comes to marriage, ceremonies etc. Some only use Islam when they got problems or wishes to be fulfilled. Example; Majlis solat hajat dan baca yassin serta doa selamat. Even worse, many interpret Islam as being only solat, fasting, and zakat.