Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Srinivas: Exam comes and go, but knowledge remains

We were in the dissection hall, as usual, dissecting parts of human body studying its anatomy. This time around it was the head and neck region.
One of our lecturer comes... Mr Srinivas. He's not a doctor but pure anatomist. Challenge him with any anatomy question, hell he knows almost every part of the body. How can he be like this?
Well, Hamid, one of our fellow here talk to him about exams...

"Sir, exam is near, and still there are a lot to be read... how sir?"

"Well..." raply Mr Srinivas

"Man, exam comes and go but knowledge remains!" said Mr Srinivas, tapping his head.

Mr Srinivas is merely a 26 year old fellow. Unlike all other old proffesors, he's damn young and damn genius in anatomy.

I think this is such a good quote from him to be shared...

Good Luck to everybody, may Allah be with you...